Music Possible Mission : To teach is to touch a life forever


Music Possible

Is a place where learning, playing, recording , producing and artistic growth  takes place under and the same roof.


Hope & Therapy

To teach, is to touch a life ... forever!  We teach music to anyone, regardless of physical or mental dysfunctions or financial needs.  In a very active, friendly, secure and supportive environment,  we teach participants to be productive, thriving in creativity.  Under the guidance of seasoned musicians,  students  learn to perform publicly in a variety of events, including: schools, churches, city functions, festivals and more. 


Your Partnership

When you partner with us, you help us make this possible for our participants.  Your donations and support enable us to provide instruction and hope to participants in underserved communities.  Many of whom, have limited or no access to music lessons.  We believe that music is a form of art and the love of music is universal.  Thank you for joining us in providing this gift to society!